Are you in a Rush? Leave-In Treatment $10


Growth Hair Treatment: Restructures the hair and revitalizes the scalp putting back protein and vitamins, with seaweed extract and soy seeds.


Anti Frizz/Anti Humidity Control : Disciplining cream for straight stylist, Linseed Extract for long-lasting shine. It contains Almond Butter, that conditions the hair shaft and protects against humidity.


Reconstructor for Extremely Dry Hair: Reconstructive and regenerative treatment of the hair fiber, sealing the cuticle, adds shine, leaving the hair soft and smooth, thanks to its high content of Vitamin B5 complex plant, Shea Butter, Ceramides and Jojoba Oil. Especially for very stressed hair.


Anti-Breakage for Damaged Hair: Repair fluid for brittle hair, completes the repair process by sealing the cuticles, to provides an efficacious protective barrier and increase the hair shaft’s resistance to breakage.


Argan Oil Infused with Omega-3: Anti-Aging Leave-in Ultra Shine Spray, Conditioning, No residue, Eliminates Frizz, Enhances Hair Color, Rejuvenates Dry/Brittle Hair, Reduces Drying Time, Thermal Protection< UV Protection.


Leave-In Hair Vitamins/Ampoules (All hair types) 

Restore natural shine to all hair types.  Adds body and flexibility. Vitamin A, E and F complex revitalize the cuticle. 


Deep Hair Treatments

Dominican Deep Conditioning $10 (All hair types)


Strengthening Repair Mask (Chemical treated hair or Dry Natural Hair)

Deep hydrating treatment. Help restore strength to damaged hair.


Argan Oil, Milk, Cocoa Mask (All hair types)

 Restorative Masks are enriched with proteins and infused with argan oil, one of the world's rarest oils. It's moisturizing properties help to revive and nourish dry and damaged hair. These Restorative Masks are an intense treatment that penetrates the cuticle to help reconstruct, rebuild strength, and restore elasticity.  Leaves hair looking healthy with incredible shine. Provides color protection and helps reverse damage caused by environmental factors, heat stress, and chemical color treatments.   

Garlic Mask  (Relaxed or Colored Hair)

This special cream, rich of peptydes, vitamins and minerals which derivate from wheat and garlic represent an excellent substitute for hair treatment with animal extract. It leaves the hair soft and strong and it is ideal to use on treated hair, such as bleached, dyed and permed.


Emergency Reconstructor  (Extremely damaged hair, shedding/breakage, hair loss)

Emergency Reconstructor is unsurpassed in and strengthening hopelessly . Emergency is unmatched to stop hair breakage. This exceptional formulation contains a renewing blend of Polymers, Elastins, Amino Acids and Collagen, creating an internal framework within the hair shaft to restore integrity.  Use once every two weeks to structurally reinforce hair that has been chemically damaged or abused by thermal styling appliances. Each treatment will dramatically improve hair's health, condition and shine, helps hopelessly damaged hair, chronic breakage, degraded cuticle, chemically abused, disintegrated structure, excessively dry & brittle hair. Stops breakage, Restores flexibility. Magnifies shine & depth of color.      


Intense Reconstructor Treatment (Chemical Treated or Natural Hair)

Intense revitalizing treatment which reconstructs and revitalizes chemically or environmentally damaged hair with Amino Acid, Honey and Natural Oil Blend.


Intensive Nutritive Mask for Moisture and Extremely Dry  Hair

Intensive nutrition and maximum hydration of the hair fiber, sealing the cuticle perfectly. The treatments are enriched with Ceramides, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Amino Acids, Vitamin E and Hydrolyzed Keratin. Re-build your hair from the inside. Hair-care product that focus an extreme dryness and protect by enriching hydrating and restructuring hair, leaving it healthy, silky and full of life.


Benefits of Hair Steamer

A healthy choice, can help prevent dandruff as well as drying hair. Using steam is common nowadays as it helps your conditioners and oils penetrate the scalp more deeply, providing the moisture needed for hair growth. Other benefits of hair steaming include added length and shine to your hair. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hair steaming.

1. Hair Growth.
When done regularly, hair steaming can help promote hair growth at its root. By strengthening you hair through steaming, it will continue to grow longer and you will never have to worry about hair breakage any more. Nevertheless, it is essential to form healthy habits in order to prevent air breakage or drying out.

2. Softens the Hair.
Steaming your hair can help improve its texture as it prevents it from drying out. If you are considering having cornrows or braids for example, you should steam the hair regularly in order to avoid hair breakage. This is a great alternative to cosmetic products, without any undesirable side effects whatsoever.

3. Treats Damage Hair.
Damaged hair simply means roughened, chipped or cracked hair cuticles. The most common reasons for hair loss or damaged hair include frequent dyeing, bleaching, perming, or rubbing the hair too vigorously. Besides using hair steaming for brittle hair, it is also important to consume a proper nutrition.

4. Dandruff Treatment.
You can use a variety of methods to treat your hair, but the most effective treatment is steaming. While doctors often recommend the usage of anti-fungal agent, hair steaming is proven effective with no significant side effects. It can help eliminate dandruff if you do it consistently.

Although there are no known drawbacks of hair steaming, it is important that you do it regularly to soften the hair.


Retexturizer Services

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Free of Parabens and formaldehyde, tested to the strictest U.S. standards, suitable for all hair types , even colored treated, allowing for service and color all in the same day.

Is superior in performance and is safe and certified formaldehyde-free. Hair that sleek, smooth look that defines confidence, cut styling time in half without any tradeoffs. In addition to all-over smoothing, it can be used to simply reduce volume, eliminate frizz use in partial placement to control cowlicks o redirect growth patterns (For Natural Hair and in Transition to Natural Hair). Shea Butter and Nano Amino Acid: Shea Butler serves to hydrate and protect the hair while Nano Amino Acids penetrate the hair to actually strengthen hair during the process.

Shea Butter & Nano Amino Acids: Natural Shea Butter serves to hydrate and protect the hair while Nano Amino Acids penetrate the hair to actually strengthen hair during the process.