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About us

Our Mission

Help women to feel confident with healthy hair.

Our Vision

We are committed to serve families by providing outstanding hair care services and taking pride in giving back to our local communities.

Our Values


The Owner

I am Rosa, As the owner of Biro, I have a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters in Color. We spent 2 years researching and studying the Dominican Salon market in Montgomery and Prince George Counties before establishing our salon in Montgomery County. SCORE from the Small Business Administration (SBA) was a huge resource for us. 

Today, I enjoy living in the United States with my husband and 4 children, but always with a heart for my family in the Dominican Republic.


I am passionate about teaching and helping others about how to be successful in many areas of life, including spiritual and financial success.

Our Team

Our most powerful resource are them.

We count with Stylists with years of experience specialized in all types of hair, color, relaxer, highlights, straightening treatment, hair surgery and natural hair care.


They will serve you with great kindness and patience.

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