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Caring for your hair after a color service

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

5 handy tips to take care of your hair after color service

Most of you lovely ladies reading this piece would have colored your at least once or would be secretly harboring a desire to color your tresses but chicken out fearing that coloring might cause irreparable damage to your hair.

While it would be plain stupid to say that hair coloring doesn’t affect your hair’s condition, structure and health, there is a host of tips, tricks, methods and habits that would help you maintain your hair and take care of it even after all sorts of chemical treatments.

So here’s a list of the 5 easiest and most pragmatic tips that would make hair care post a color service seem like a walk in the park.

1. Make advance preparations

This is easily the single greatest post-coloring hair care tip.

Suppose you had a presentation to make at the office, would you just go out there without making any preparations or arrangements for it? Or would you plan and prepare the presentation in advance?

It’s a no-brainer right? (Unless, of course, you have a fetish for professional disasters) The same goes for hair coloring. You can’t just color your hair and then ponder about how you need to maintain it. You have to start preparing for it in advance. You need to ensure that nourishment and hydration are no problems for your hair. Oil regularly, trim it at periodic intervals and stay away from heating tools. And yes, this process starts about 2 months from the date you plan to get your hair dyed. (A little hard work but it will pay rich dividends!)

2. Trim your hair

Having a nice, gentle trim after any chemical treatment helps you limit the damage caused by the process. It is advisable to chop off or trim the ends after a color service to prevent the hair damage from spreading. You’d be well served by having periodic trims after about every 6-7 weeks or so. This would also solve the problem of split ends and breakage.

3. Avoid heat

Keep your hair away from heat of any kind. Heat damages your hair and chemically treated hair is even more susceptible to damage. Keep the blow dryer away for a while. Air-dry your hair. If you have to use a blow dryer, use it only on a medium temperature setting at best. Also avoid hot water rinsing as it could cause frizz and loss of moisture. Cold water would help you seal the color into your hair shaft and also keeps frizz at bay.

4. Don’t shampoo too early

Resist the urge to wash your hair for a couple of days at least after you have colored your hair. This would allow the color to set in and would also reduce color bleeding. Oiling your hair before a wash might be a good idea as the protective layer of oil around the shaft would minimize damage and reduce color fading.

5. Use color-protecting products

Colored hair is highly susceptible to damage especially in the period immediately after you’ve colored your hair. It is thus vitally important that you use color-protecting products in the time post the color service to ensure that the color doesn’t fade away and your hair remains in great shape and health. Shampoos and conditioners are available in ‘color-protective’ varieties and using them would reduce the possibility of color bleeding. Sulfate-free, color-protecting shampoos work for all kinds of color tones.

If coloring your hair is on top of your wish list then don’t just strike it off the list fearing hair damage. These tips would come in handy for maintenance of your hair post color service and help avoid potentially catastrophic results.

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