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Treatments for Any Hair Type

Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy person. Often people are so busy keeping track of their skin health and overall fitness that they forget that their hair has health and care needs too. A regular shampoo and conditioning is not enough to keep hair healthy. Over time pollution, chemicals, dirt, grime and other external and internal factors lead to unhealthy hair. The most common signs of unhealthy hair are:

- Dullness

- Dandruff

- Excessive Breakage

- Brittle hair

- Split ends

There are many other signs that only a professional may be able to notice, understand and improve as a result.

At Biro Dominican salon our services are aimed at not just making your hair look great on the outside but be healthy and strong from the inside too. Our range of Hair treatments especially work towards enhancing the health, strength, and beauty of your natural hair. Some of our treatments include:

- Treatment for an itchy scalp

- Protein treatment for dry, weak, or excessive breakage control

- Deep conditioning

- Mask treatments

- Scalp treatments

- Reconstruction treatments

- Nutrition treatment

-Hair Steamer

And more...

All our hair treatments focus on specific needs of your hair and scalp to fight the problem and bring in natural health. Any kind of hair problem can be treated but if you ignore it too long the problem may get worse and bring in extreme damage that may take a long time to treat. It is best recommended to treat problems right from onset.

Another important thing to understand is that hair treatments are not only for damaged hair. Taking regular treatments will ensure that the damage never occurs in the first place. Regular treatments make sure that the natural health of your hair is restored and you never have to face hair damage and other issues.

Benefits of Regular Hair Treatments:

- Healthy Hair

Regular hair treatments restore the health of the hair, making it naturally beautiful and healthy.

- Strong Hair

Hair treatments make sure that your hair remains strong and fights against damage rather than falling prey to it.

- Shiny hair

Hair treatments bring out the natural shine of your hair giving you a beautiful and glossy look rather than a dull and damp one.

- Overall beauty

Naturally healthy shining and strong hair enhance your overall beauty. Your makeup and skin will be more enhanced and your attires will look more elegant and stylish. Yes, it’s true! Beautiful hair contributes to overall beauty.

Many people believe that hair treatments are especially for people who go in for chemical services like relaxing, coloring or perming etc. However, even if you have never gotten a chemical treatment your hair will still undergo regular wear and tear and requires the right treatment. At Biro Dominican Salon we help you have beautiful, healthy and shiny hair that is damage free and stunning.

Over the years we have built strong relationships with our valued clients who keep coming back to us for our professional hair care treatments and services. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and all our services are built around a customer centric approach. We believe in quality and only use high quality products and services at Biro. Our expert hair cutting, treatment and care team is equipped with the tools, products and knowledge required to give the very best of results. If you have a hair related problem and looking for the right treatment we will help you understand the what, why and how of it. If you want your hair to continue being healthy, we are here to make sure that’s exactly what you get!

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