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Get Ravishing "Relaxed" Hair at Biro

Beautiful hair is a dream for all. Everyone wants shining and silky hair that adds to their overall beauty. Sometimes great hair is all you need to pull off a stylish and elegant look. When we neglect the health needs of our hair, over time, our hair goes through immense damage that can make hair brittle, weak, dull and unhealthy. It is extremely important to understand the exact needs of our hair and give it the needed nourishment and care.

At Biro we have helped many people not just understand what their hair needs but also given them the perfect service to bring in desired results.

These tensed hairs can become weak, tangle excessively and even break off if left ignored.

A few points to consider for relaxed hair:

- At Biro we use high quality relaxer creams that will smoothen your hair from the roots to the tips. However, it is important to understand that if your hair is extremely damaged, some other treatments may be required before the relaxer. This is mainly because relaxer services work best when your hair is naturally healthy.

- Relaxer creams can be extremely strong and full of chemicals or even milder. Relaxer creams come in three variations- mild, regular and strong. It is extremely important to seek professional advice to know what your hair needs.

- Post relaxer the hair can become dry and thus proper moisturizing is a must. Regular moisturizing will help enhance hair and scalp health that will further support the relaxed hair.

Most people confuse Relaxer services with straightening services. However, although similar they are not exactly the same. Relaxer hair service is best suited for extremely curly or tightly curled hair. For someone who has wavy hair, a normal straightening machine may be best suited to get straight hair.

At Biro Dominican Salon, we help our clients get stronger and healthy hair. No matter what treatment or service you need, our focus will always be to support the hair health and give your hair a natural look and beauty. Hair products can be extremely harsh and damage your hair if you use them without understanding. Many clients have complained about burns or even allergies because of using the wrong product, incorrect application or just because of low quality products that made false promises. Using relaxer creams by yourself, at home, may seem like an easier and hassle free solution but one tiny wrong step can lead to big damages!

Relaxer services at Biro are carried out by our team of experts and professionals who make sure your hair is left stronger, smoother, shinier and absolutely stunning! We have years of experience and we understand individual hair needs. Just walk into Biro Dominican Salon, and let our experts take it from there.

Biro Relaxer service is available as touch-up service, full head service, hair line only, smoothing etc. We can also help you re-texture from straight to curly or perm your hair. Whatever you desire, our team can do it for you- with quality and pleasure!

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